Reasons You Should Travel to Mumbai

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There are many people who love to live in the city they have been brought up in. But have you ever thought about just going to another city and explore its monuments and spots? There are many tourist attractions and various interesting things in every city.  If you live in Delhi, think about paying a visit to Mumbai. The city is really remarkable and would fetch you great moments of richness.

You can pick one of the cheap Delhi to Mumbai Flights tickets to visit. The city has always been an attraction for tourists. There are many reasons that you should go to this city. Have a look below and you would definitely be convinced to go to this place.

Attractive history coupled with amazing monuments

Mumbai has an interesting history that dates back to centuries. Originally it was a thinly populated coastline having seven islands. Then the Portuguese came here and Christianised the space.  Soon the British asked for a dowry present for the marriage of their regal prince with a Portuguese princess. And guess what they received? Mumbai!Whateveris the case,   the British and the Portuguese left some good architecture behind. There are huge impressive neo-classical buildings in Fort, spectacular Art Deco homes along with the Marine Drive and traditional Portuguese churches and huge bungalows in Bandra. The Mumbai University is an ideal example of the colonial architecture chic the British left.

Mixture for many diverse cultures and religions

Mumbai has always been the land for dreamers. Folks visit here from all over India to attain more than they think they can in the other cities and villages.  A farmer can turn out to be a Bollywood star, a tea seller can become a successful businessmen and a passionate young engineer can become a successful designer or writer; everything is possible in this city. In a nation with twenty two major languages and two hundred thirty four mother tongues you can imagine what type of a mixture of traditions, cultures, mentalities and spiritual beliefs Mumbai has become because of the domestic immigration. If you meet a person in Mumbai, you cannot tell if he is from Mumbai, another city, a village or abroad! It is the cultural diversity of this land.

Nightlife and activities

People say that Mumbai is the city that never really sleeps. Depending on where you actually end up after midnight this can be true or even false. You can surely get a cosy night’s sleep in the comfortable beds at hostel or you can party the entire night away at manifold clubs or bars.Bandra is the nightlife’s hub of Mumbai.  Similarly you can attend theatre plays, watch some Bollywood movies at cinema, enrol yourself in yoga or dance class or take part in a trek outside of town in the gorgeous countryside of Maharashtra. There is much to do in the realm of Mumbai.

So, when are you going to check out Delhi to Mumbai Flights for an upbeat experience? This city has a lot to cater you!